Bike routes

There are plenty of cycling routes for all levels in our area, here are a few of them! 😄

Remember that we are a Cycle Tourism Centre, and we have a washing area and a basic bicycle repair kit at the campsite.

Saldías Route

On this route, we will cover about 14 km of the almost 20 km long Alto de Gorostieta along its northern slope. We will start from the vicinity of Oiz and finish in Saldías.

Rutas de senderismo vuelta a saldias

Belate and Orokieta

 The Belate and Orokieta cycle route is a circular route of medium-high difficulty with a length of about 95km. It runs along mountain roads and offers stunning views of the landscape. If you are an experienced cyclist and want to enjoy a day's cycling from the campsite, you will love this route. 

Rutas de senderismo belate y orokieta

Artesiaga, Egozkue and Belate

Challenging but breathtaking route due to the natural beauty surrounding the 3 mountain passes along the way, which are very popular for cycling races and rides in the surrounding area.

Rutas de senderismo artesiaga egozkie y belate

Water Route, Oitz and Donamaría

Ideal for those who wish to go deep into the forests and rivers of the area. It is suitable for all types of people, although some sections can be a little demanding. You will also be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and its landscapes throughout the route.

Rutas de senderismo

The Bidasoa Greenway

The Bidasoa Greenway is a perfect route for a relaxing day's cycling, as it is mostly flat and safe. On this 77.7km route, you can also enjoy the views of the Bay of Txingudi. The difficulty is low-medium.

Rutas de senderismo via verde del bidasoa

Baztan Route

On this 66km route you can explore Oronoz and its surroundings. The return journey is along the Vía Verde, and once in Oronoz the return journey begins, which includes three consecutive climbs: Urtsugain, Etxola and Atxuela.

Rutas de senderismo vuelta a baztan


On this 22 km route we will cross the slopes of the sierras surrounding Mount Peromendi, ascending from just over 100 metres to 575 metres. Although it is technically easy, it is a little more physically demanding. In addition, we can enjoy spectacular views along the entire route.

Rutas de senderismo pero mendi

Sunbilla BTT

We will ride a mountain bike route of about 68 km that follows part of the route of the walk held in September in Sunbilla. We will climb to the top of Artaleku and ride along its mountain range, enjoying spectacular views. The descent to Sunbilla includes stretches of paths, small ascents and descents, which makes the route demanding in some sections. The difficulty is medium-high.

Rutas de senderismo sunbilla btt

Demanda and Urkidi

This 35 km route takes us along the slopes of two emblematic mountains in the area, Demanda and Urkidi, and offers spectacular views. The route is of medium-high difficulty, so it is recommended for experienced cyclists.

Rutas de senderismo demanda y urkidi

Enjoy your vacation in Campsite Ariztigain!

These are some of the activities that you can do in our environment, if you have any questions, we will be delighted in the +34 948 450 540. 😊