The most beautiful villages in the Baztán-Bidasoa valley

In this article, we invite you to discover the beauty of the Baztan-Bidasoa Valley in Navarra, through a route through the most beautiful villages near Camping Ariztigain. Get ready to explore a combination of history, culture, impressive landscapes and the authenticity of these beautiful corners of the valley.

Villages of Baztán-Bidasoa


We begin our tour in Sumbilla, a charming medieval town located just 15 minutes walk from Camping Ariztigain. Its streets and stone houses will transport you to the past. Explore the Church of San Pedro, an architectural gem from the 18th century, and admire its Baroque façade and impressive interior altarpiece. You can also visit the Palacio de Narros, a magnificent Renaissance building that has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Sumbilla as you stroll through its narrow streets and take in the panoramic views of the surroundings.

puente de sumbilla


We continue our trip to Santesteban, a town full of natural beauty and cultural richness, located 10 minutes by car from Camping Ariztigain. Surrounded by green hills, Santesteban will captivate you with its charm. Explore the Plaza de los Fueros, the nerve center of the town, where you can admire the traditional architecture and soak up the local atmosphere. Don't miss the Church of San Pedro, a religious building dating from the 16th century that houses an impressive altarpiece. In addition, Santesteban is known for its gastronomy, so take the opportunity to try local dishes and delight in the flavors of the region.


The next town will be Elizondo, the capital of the Baztan Valley, located approximately 20 minutes from Camping Ariztigain. This quaint town is steeped in history and culture. You can visit the Iglesia de Santiago, an impressive Gothic church from the 16th century, and the Palacio de Arizkunenea, a stately mansion from the 18th century. Also, don't miss the famous Txokoto Bridge, which crosses the Baztan River and offers beautiful views of the surrounding natural environment. Elizondo is also known for its weekly market, where you can find fresh local products and traditional crafts.

entorno camping ariztigain


We continue our journey to Amaiur, a town with a rich history and impressive panoramic views, located about 30 minutes from our campsite. Here you will find the ruins of the Amaiur Castle, an old medieval stronghold that was the scene of important historical events. From the ruins, you can enjoy panoramic views of the valley and its surroundings. Amaiur is also known for its agricultural and livestock tradition, and you can find high-quality local products in the village shops.


Our next destination is Zugarramurdi, a town famous for its magical and mysterious past, located about 40 minutes from Camping Ariztigain. Known as the “town of the witches”, Zugarramurdi is home to the Cueva de las Brujas, a historical place that was used in the past for gatherings related to witchcraft. You can visit the cave and explore its fascinating history. In addition, Zugarramurdi is a charming place and its impressive natural environment.


This charming town, located about 15 minutes from Camping Ariztigain, is known for its rich history and traditional architecture. Stroll through its cobbled streets and discover its stately homes, some of which date from the 16th and 17th centuries. Also, the parish church of Saint Martin of Tours is an important landmark in Lesaka and is worth a visit. Also the Pillirik and the Agiña Megalithic Station, don't miss it!


Located approximately 20 minutes from the campsite, Arantza or Aranaz is a picturesque town surrounded by nature. Its quiet streets and relaxed atmosphere make this place a perfect destination for those looking to disconnect. In addition, you can enjoy very beautiful walks in the surroundings and appreciate the green and calm landscapes that characterize this region.


Located 15 minutes from Camping Ariztigain, Bera is a town with a rich cultural tradition and charming architecture. Stroll through its narrow streets and discover the stone houses with wooden balconies, characteristic of the traditional architecture of the area. The Church of San Esteban is another highlight in Bera and is worth visiting. Do not miss its town hall either, with remains of old wall paintings.


A rural town with a special charm, located approximately 15 minutes from the campsite. You can visit the Hermitage of Santa Cruz, there is a legend that says that in the meadow next to the Church, the Witches would gather to celebrate their “covens”. Etxalar also has 3 mills where corn and wheat were once ground. Finally, you can visit the Molino del Medio Dam, the only dam that has survived the passage of time and floods.

The Baztan-Bidasoa Valley in Navarra is a treasure trove of charming villages to explore during your stay at Camping Ariztigain. From the historical and architectural charm of Elizondo, through the history and panoramic views of Amaiur, to the magic and mystery of Zugarramurdi, each town offers a unique experience. Immerse yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of these corners of the valley while enjoying the authenticity and hospitality of the region. Don't miss the opportunity to explore these charming towns during your visit to Camping Ariztigain in the Baztan-Bidasoa Valley!

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